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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Textile Care Response and Best Practices​

Clean textiles are a crucial part of keeping customers and individuals safe from infection.

Ecolab’s Textile Care business provides guidance and training to help organizations and commercial laundries follow correct processes and procedures to disinfect linens. In addition, our disinfectant solutions keep surfaces and facilities clean, ensuring linens stay clean from washing to end use. Our expert team is staying on top of the latest updates and can help your organization adopt new processes and comply with local regulations and guidance.

Solutions and Programs

PROTEX360° Laundry Protection Program

Our Laundry Protection Program provides integrated solutions to help ensure safe and efficient execution of laundry operation and reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. PROTEX360° laundry protection program helps commercial laundries to monitor key critical hygiene factors not only in the washing but also around and beyond it.

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PERformance® 60 concept contains the combination of Ecolab's Emulsion technology and bleaching and disinfecting product Ozonit Performance. The combination of these 2 components reduces the total costs of the laundry process and achieves and excellent washing results at 60°C while delivering perfectly disinfected textiles.


Turbo Clean and Safe program guarantees the maximum hygiene for delicate textiles, including patient garments used in healthcare facilities and nursing homes.


PERformance® 40 is the first and only program that washes and disinfects in commercial laundries with best-in-class results at 40 °C, thus saving money on water and energy.

Additional Resources

COVID-19 Infection Prevention Textile Care Overview

Read about infection prevention measures for COVID-19.

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Textile Care Team Helps Laundry  Customers During a Difficult Time

The Ecolab Textile Care team has been working with laundry customers to implement programs, tested and validated according to the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR), and registered with expert institutions such as the Robert Koch Institute or the German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH)